Tax Reform

Let’s tackle everybody’s favorite subject - taxes:

The 16th amendment gave Congress the right to levy a form of taxation.

Our Founding Fathers never could have imagined that the wealthiest among us would hoard more wealth among them then the rest of the country has COLLECTIVELY.

Hoarding wealth, offshore tax havens, and corporate welfare were never founding principles.

The fact of the matter is - if you earned your vast wealth in a capitalist system - you depended on other people to help you build stores, market a product, staff a company, run your payroll or in some other way - in order for you to achieve your level of success. You may have come up with the idea alone - but it took a supporting cast to get that idea to market.

The price of living in a civilized society is to pay your fair share.

We must operate with MUCH less individualism and self-concern, and start contributing to the overall health and welfare of the country as a whole.

I’m with Liz on this - a 2% tax on every dollar a household has above $50 million, which would increase to a 3% tax for households with above $1 billion. Americans with a net worth over $50 million who renounce their citizenship or are found to offshore havens to dodge the tax will be subject to a 40% "exit tax." I also agree with her proposed 7% corporate tax that would apply to every dollar above $100 million that a company reports in profits. 

These proposals alone will generate roughly $5 trillion in revenue that will support the healthcare and education programs that we must pass to ensure success and a fair living standard for all of us.

We must also immediately rollback the 2017 tax cuts - they are going to bankrupt us.

Tax legal drugs, gun and cigarette manufacturers - all to fund gun and health safety programs, but more on the 2nd amendment later.

I align 100% with #LizWarren with respect to taxation - pay your fair share in order to operate in a Country that afforded you the opportunity to be successful.