Climate Change

Listen - none of these other issues will even BE issues unless we address climate change RIGHT NOW - like - 5 years ago right now. The current administration is taking advantage of an education system that has successfully been cut to bare bones - so that it’s easier to convince people that science is bad and that unregulated corporations know what’s best for us. Those same corporations who don’t pay any taxes and want to eliminate all regulation that keeps them from dumping pollution in to our air and water sources? I’m done with that, and I hope you are too.

Climate scientists spend their entire adult lives combing over data and research - they do not come to these conclusions lightly or publish their findings based on who they support politically. It’s not like they will be any less sunburned than the rest of us when we deplete the ozone layer because they sided with Trump.

We are ALL at risk. Our kids are at risk - but our kids kids? They don’t stand a chance. 

So to help everybody understand - climate and weather are two different things.

Weather is the short term change that happens in the atmosphere - the mix of events (rain, snow, ice) that happen every day. Climate is the long term effect of that weather over a long period of time, and usually in a specific area. When scientists talk about climate - they are looking at averages of things like temperature, wind, snow and rain - that occur over a specific period of time.

Those averages over that span of time are what is referred to as Climate Normals. Over time - those weather norms help us look at what is happening - sea levels rising or ice caps melting and making polar bears almost extinct. 

What has that data been showing us? That the earth is warming more quickly than it has in the past over a shorter period of time, and that because of these changes - those weather patterns are also changing. These changes are destroying ecosystems that are vital to keeping us all alive. Methane gas is being released in to the ocean at levels never seen before - and we are ALL in BIG BIG trouble.

We MUST treat climate change as a top 3 issue to tackle within the next 2-3 years at the most.

We MUST re-enter the Paris climate accord. We must invest in renewable energy such as wind and solar, and accept the fact that the fossil fuel industry is dead. We must retrain coal and oil folks with the skills to sustain themselves and their families in this new era of climate responsibility. Nobody has to be out of work from those industries one single day because we valued that coal miner so we taught him how to fix solar panels or wind turbines and kept food on his table.

We must regulate industries that have long records of contributing to pollution, and hold those CEOs personally responsible when they fail to act with social and ecological responsibility.

We must commit to a 10 year execution of net zero emissions and do whatever it takes to get us there.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to pass them an earth that is still habitable.